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Solar Simulator Selection Guide:


1. According to different applications

  According to different applications, such as solar cell testing, PV characterization under indoor light environment, precise measurement of perovskite/crystalline silicon tandem solar cells, silicon crystalline cell testing for space use, etc., you can find the one that meets all your needs at Enlitech.


According to IEC 90904-9, it defines the regulations for evaluating the solar simulators. The important parameters and

descriptions are as follows, which includes:

–  Spatial non-uniformity of irradiance

–  Spectral match of irradiance

–  Intensity instability of  irradiance

3. Find the solar simulator you need

(1) SS-X _ Solar Simulator


  • Perovskite Solar Cell Efficiency measurement
  • Organic Solar Cell Efficiency measurement
  • Perovskite/ Si Tandem solar cell efficiency measurement
  • Ideality Factor n test
  • Sun-Voc test
  • Water splitting cell test
  • HJT, PERC, TOPCon Si solar cell test


(2) SS-ZXR _ Solar Simulator

     The best light source for exploring space!


  • Silicon solar cells for space
  • Organic solar cells
  • Perovskite solar cell
  • Concentrator Photovoltaic
  • Aging tests for solar cells

How to choose: Comparison  between Enlitech AM0 Spectrum Solar Simulator and other brands:

BrandEnlitechN Brand (USA)Y Brand (Japan)
Efficitive Illuminance Area100 mm x 100 mm4 in. x 4 in.Φ 100 mm
Spectral MatchAA
Spatial UniformityAAB
Temporal StabilityA+AA+
Illuminance Intensity1 SUN ± 20%1 SUN ± 20%1 – 5 SUN
Beam DirectionUp/Down/Right/Left OptionalDownward onlyVertical or Horizontal
Spectrum Range300 nm – 1800 nmN/A300 nm – 1400 nm
PriceContact usHighHigh

(3) SS-PST100R _ Solar Simulator

 Your best partner for accurate efficiency     measurement of new high-efficiency tandem   solar cells!


  • Accurate measurement of perovskite/crystalline silicon tandem solar cells.

How to choose: Enlitech AM1.5G spectrum solar simulator and other brands comparison table:

BrandEnlitechN Brand (USA)Y Brand (Japan)S Brand (Japan)
Effective Illuminance Area100 mm x 100 mm4 in. x 4 in.80 mm x 80 mm220 mm x 220 mm
Spectrum Grade
(300 nm – 1200 nm)
Spatial UniformityAAAA
Temporal StabilityA+AAA
Spectral Coverage (SPC)100%100%100%100%
Spectral Deviation (SPD)1.2%6.7%4~8%4~8%
Lamp SystemSingle Xe LampSingle Xe LampDual Lamp
(Xe Lamp + Halogen Lamp)
Dual Lamp
(Xe Lamp + Halogen Lamp)
Spectrum AdjustableYESN/AN/AN/A
Beam DirectionUp/Down/Left/Right optional
Downward onlyDownward onlyDownward only
PriceContact usHighHighHigh

(4) ILS-30 _ Indoor Ambient Light Simulator


  • PV characterization under indoor light environment.

(5) ALS-300-G2 _ Universal Light Source


ALS-300-G2 universal xenon light source provides            various options for customers. According to customer’s needs, users can choose appropriate accessories to carry out a variety of experiments, including:

  • solar cell testing
  • solar cell aging
  • photohydrolysis cell application
  • photocatalyst experiments

(6) HCPS-100 Class AAA 

      Small Area Solar Simulator


  • HCPS-100 is designed for many advancing solar cell researches which needs small illumination area, like perovskite solar cells.

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How to choose: Enlitech HCPS-100 small area solar simulator and other brands comparison table:

BrandEnlitechN BrandY BrandS BrandS BrandS BrandH Brand
Effective Illuminance Area40*40 mm38*38 mm50*50 mm40*40 mm50*50 mm50*50 mm50*50 mm
Spectral MatchAAAAAAB, 0.60-1.40
Spatial UniformityA (20*20 mm)BAAAAC, <± 10%
Illuminance StabilityABAAAAA
Power ConsumptionGood (100W)Good (100W)Poor (180W)Poor (150W)150W300W300W
Max. Illuminance1.4 SUN1.0 SUN1.0 SUN1.0 SUN (±30%)1.0 SUN2.0 SUN1.0 SUN
Variable Attenuator0.2-1.4 SUNN/A0.1-1 SUN0.1-2 SUNN/A
Variable Aperture15~100%N/A10~100%10~100%N/A
Beam DirectionUp/Down/Right/Left AdjustableDownward only
(Beam turning accessories need to be purchased additionally)
Downward onlyUp/Down/Right/Left AdjustableDown/HorizontalDown/HorizontalUp/Down/Right/Left Adjustable
Device ConfigurationAll in oneExternal power supply requiredExternal power supply requiredAll in oneExternal power supply requiredExternal power supply requiredExternal power supply required
Manual ShutterY(Optional Motorized shutter)Y(Optional Motorized shutter)YY(Optional Motorized shutter)Y
Working Distance(mm)100mm150-180mm(6~8 in)350±15mm380±15mmN/A
Stability/Ripple/Regulation0.03% line requlation0.05%/<1%/0.02% current variation for 5V line charge0.05%/<1%/0.02% current variation for 5V line chargeN/A
AM 1.5GYYNeed to be purchased additionallyNeed to be purchased additionallyY
PriceContact usHighHighHighHighHighHigh

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