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DSR-156 Won the Innovative Technology Award

In the end of 2013, the First Award Ceremony of China International Photovoltaic (PV) Industry Innovation Technology and Innovative Application Annual Campaign were held in Beijing. Enltech’s integrated differential spectral responsivity measurement system (DSR-156) won the Innovative Photovoltaic Measurement Technology Award. 
This international campaign was host by the China PV Industry Innovation-driven Media Service Union and dozens of PV media and PV association in both China and other countries, and all the committee members are the experts, researchers and journalist in the new energy field. This campaign was also identified as the most influential and credible one around the world.  
The DSR-156 (Mars) is developed in accordance with the standards of IEC 60904-4 and 60904-8. Integrating with 6 inch of monochromatic light spot, un-uniformity < 2.5%, and the light spot (2.5cm x 2.5cm) fitting WPVS to calibrate the primary and secondary reference cell can achieve the lowest uncertainty. The metrological standard can not only be equivalent to the international one but also can be SI traceable. 
In the past decades, the major PV market was in Europe; therefore, the efficiency measurement of cells and components will trace to the highest metrological standards – PTB as customers requested. Recently, the PV applications in China have been rapidly growing, and around 95% PV products made in China have been exported to Europe, USA and Japan; however, the growing cannot conceal the incompletion of its traceability system and calibration skills. The calibration of reference cell still needs to follow the standards of these countries. 
Enlitech’s DSR-156 (Mars), which has been adopted by the first class metrology unit of China, and completed the international comparison with PTB, can provide the international standards for calibrating the reference cell with low cost and high efficiency. Based on the standpoint of “we should follow our own metrological standards”, the DSR-156 was recognized by the judges because of its significant influence on the solar industry. 
In the future, Enlitech will dedicate to providing the leading technology and innovative products, and persistently build the credentials in the world. 
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