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SR-M21 Solar Module Quantum Efficiency

With the development of technologies and a more effective market mechanism in solar photovoltaic industries, the efficiency testing for a solar module has tended to have more strict standards in order to maintain a fair deal. After five years of research and development, in 2014 Enlitech officially announced a new product – SR-M21 Solar Module Quantum Efficiency Measurement System, which is designed in accordance with the terms of IEC 60904-8 and IEC 61853-2 and is applicable to any kind of solar modules. SR-M21 is a testing tool for researchers and manufacturers to examine the differences of any encapsulation of solar modules, which enables the users to choose the encapsulation materials by requirements and accurately forecast the amount of power, and then it will eventually stimulate more investment. Meanwhile, it helps users to confirm the uncertainty of solar modules in related calibration field. SR-M21 is the indispensable tool for the research and development of solar modules and efficiency calibration.

As a professional supplier in photoelectric field for years, by grasping the trends of market developing and international standards, Enlitech will continue engaging in developing high quality products and offering a comprehensive line of products so as to achieve the goal to become the best solution partner.

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