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The 22nd International Conference

on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy

From July 30 to August 2, Enli Tech attends the 22nd International Conference on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy in Hefei, China. We cordially welcome you to join the largest and influential conference in Hefei: more than 185 experts, 1000 attendees from over the world, 40 exhibitions and more.


The Biggest Highlights from Enlitech in IPS-22:

◆LQ-100 Luminescence Measurement System

How to measure the emerging LED materials and devices efficiently and accurately is the key point to get high efficiency in the LED development process.

Enli Tech’s LQ-100 Luminescence Measurement System with four major measuring functions:LED EQE, PLQY, Solar EL and PL, can fast and accurately measure the emerging LED materials in low luminance and help you to enhance measurement efficiency.


◆ A new approach towards measuring highly efficient perovskite solar cell: 

Micro-spectral imaging technique: SPCM-1000 FLIM and PL Image Confocal Scanning Image System

SPCM-1000 is a compact system with various high-end optical technology to measure FLIM and PL image from small area in nondestructive measurement method.

Equipped with high-resolution microscope system, high numerical-aperture objectives and high-quality TEM00 excitation source, SPCM-1000 can provide the < 1 um spot size. Moreover, by using the Galvo scanning system, femtowatt photomultiplier and TCSPC, the scanning speed of SPCM-1000 can be 1000 times faster than the conventional XY stages, and the high-speed scanning techniques can also reduce the decay of LED materials up to 1000 times. 

SPCM-1000 FLIM and PL image confocal scanning image system, an innovative and best measurement tool, provides users advancing their measurement efficiency not only in the perovskite solar cell filed but also in any emerging PV materials.


IPS-22 Details:

◆July 29 ~ August 2, 2018

◆Conference Venue:The Platinum Hanjue Hotel of Hefei, China

IPS-22 Overview

Every two years, the IPS conference series offers a versatile platform to discuss the latest advances in renewable energy research and to enhance the regional and international collaborations.

The IPS-22 will welcome scientists, engineers, and practitioners from all over the world with open arms and a whole new look. The target of IPS-22 is to spark new insights and ideas as well as to promote research cooperation and foster new collaborations and partnerships between academia and industry. 

We’re looking forward to your visit in Hefei! Our specialists will supply you with the complete information in emerging LED / perovskite materials and devices. 

To get more information on solar cell materials and devices, visit our website: www.enlitechnology.com 

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