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Westlake International Symposium in Engineering
Westlake International Symposium in Engineering WISE2019

WISE 2019

Westlake International Symposium in Engineering

The WISE 2019 was chaired by Professor Min Qiu of Westlake University. The conference will focus on three major fields: Intelligence Information Science, Nanotechnology and Energy, and Environment and Resource Engineering, attracting the world’s leading scientific researchers and approximately 300 participants. 
Through a combination of keynote speaker presentations and programs, the WISE 2019 aims to provide many excellent opportunities for networking, sharing knowledge and discussing existing challenges as well as cutting-edge technologies. 

Solar Simulator is Closer to Real Sun

Class A+AA+

Enlitech SS-F5s A+AA+ Solar Simulators meet the IEC 60904-9 standards. An ideal Class A+ spectral match for a solar simulator is based on the percentage of the integrated light intensity in 7 spectral ranges from 300 nm to 1100 nm. The spectral match in each interval needs to be between 0.875 and 1.125 to meet Class A+. For accurate and repeatable sola cell performance measurement, temporal instability of irradiance requires that output light be stable over time to ensure the lamp fluctuations do not distort the measurement of solar cell efficiency. And the class A+ temporal instability of irradiance requires ≤1%

Multiple applications of photoelectric measurement technology

There are hundreds of new types of photovoltaic devices made of new materials like perovskite and OPV. 
Enli Technology will also participate the WISE 2019 symposium and exhibit, sharing how to apply quantum efficiency measurement technology to break through the power conversion efficiency of devices in various fields of new material science, photovoltaics and machine vision. Enli Technology provides a one-stop solution for scientific and metrological instruments. Enli Tech QE-R quantum efficiency measurement system is a high performance measurement system for quantum efficiency for a wide variety of solar cells (perovskite, OPV, PERC, HIT, etc.) with super-fast measurement speed and high-repeatability (over 99.8%). The size of spot is 1 mm x 1 mm, and it won’t be interfered with the integrating sphere and the busbar which improves the measurement accuracy. Enli Tech QE-R quantum efficiency measurement system has been adopted by more than 500 top research institutes.

Westlake International Symposium in Engineering enli tech wise2019 03

Details WISE2019

■ Date: 7/19-7/21
■ Venue: Hangzhou Xixi Hotel, China
■ WISE2019 Highlights of Enli Technology: Quantum Efficiency Measurement System, Solar Simulators and LED EQE Luminescence Measurement System 

Intelligence Information Science

Brain-computer interface 
AI Algorithms
Platform and Framework 
Intelligent Chips  
Big Data
Computer Vision
Voice Recognition 
Natural Language Processing 
Autonomous Driving 

Nanotechnology and Energy

Nano Synthesis and Fabrication Technology  
Nano-Biology and Medicine  
Energy Storage and Conversion Technology  
Nano Electronics, Photonics: Materials and Devices  
Low-dimensional Materials (2d materials)  
Advanced Photonics and Microwave Technology

Environmental and Resource Engineering

Water Sciences & Technology 
Atmospheric Sciences & Technology  
Environmental Biotechnology 
Bioresource & Bioenergy  
Ocean Resources Exploration  
Deep sea Technology & Equipment 
Geomechanics & Geotechnology  
Ecological Engineering & Ecosystem Restoration 
Environmental Management
Pollution Control & Public Health

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