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Customized Solar Simulator


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  Enlitech can provide customized solar simulators according to customer needs. If you have requirements for higher luminous flux, higher power, and better spectral matching, we can offer relevant solutions and systems in accordance with the most stringent specifications and specifications. Our team of engineers, physicists and optical designers will support you with the best solutions. We named it the SS-FZ5 series.

  The SS-FZ5 is a high-intensity-output light source system with a compact design and an extremely bright 300W xenon lamp. The standard model is equipped with various functions such as shutter, timing illumination, light intensity adjustment, mirror module, filter changer, external control, etc.. SS-FZ5 can meet any kind of the illumination conditions you need.

Artificial Light Solar Simulator

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  • Excellent optical fiber design makes SS-FZ5 compact and easy to move.
  • Comprehensive thermal protection design significantly reduces unnecessary heat effects.
  • Through the convenient filter changer, it is possible to select any monochromatic light output with specific wavelength.


  • Illumination area: 50x50mm2
  • Spectral match: AM1.5G, <25%, Class A
  • Spatial Un-uniformity: <2%, Class A
  • Intensity in-stability: <2%, Class A
  • Fiber light guild design
  • Fiber Length: 1 m
  • Lamp house and light output-head are separated
  • 300W Xe Lamp system
  • Divergent half-angle: ≦ 1 degree
  • Working distance: 25 cm
  • Shut-down delay cooling system
  • Easy integration with glove-box system
  • Irradiance intensity: > 1200 W/m2
  • Mechanical Shutter
  • Overheating automatic protection


  • AM1.5G Solar Simulation
  • Photochromic materials research
  • Organic polymer synthesis field
  • Photo-Catalyst
  • Artificial photosynthesis
  • Fluorescence observation
  • Inspection light source
  • Light curing
  • Semiconductor related application


  The customized fiber-optic solar simulator SS-FZ5 has higher light output and better optical performance. It can be applied to more special application scenarios, such as external glove box integration, built-in glove box integration, photocatalyst materials, photochromism materials, etc.

AM 1.5G solar simulator Irradiance SS-FZ5

  The irradiance spectrum of SS-FZ5 solar simulator and standard AM1.5G solar spectrum.

300 – 470 nm0.94A+
470 – 561 nm1.03A+
561 – 657 nm1.02A+
657 – 772 nm0.99A+
772 – 919 nm0.95A+
919 – 1200 nm1.07A+

  SS-FZ5 Spectral evaluation according to IEC 60904-9:2020. All reached grade A or above.

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