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Customized Solar Simulator


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  Enlitech can provide customized solar simulators according to customers’ needs. If you have requirements for higher luminous flux, higher power, and better spectral matching, we can offer relevant solutions and systems in accordance with the most stringent specifications and specifications. Our team of engineers, physicists and optical designers will support you with the best solutions. We named it the SS-XRC series.

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  • Customized illuminance area
  • Customized spatial illuminance uniformity
  • Customized solar spectrum
  • Customized divergence angle
  • Customized fully automatic testing with temperature monitoring or glove box integration

System Design

  The SS-XRC customized steady-state solar simulator series can be integrated with the glove box. The following is the description of the requirements for the integration space of the glove box :

AM0 Solar Simulator Sun Simulator Design Glovebox

The position of the quartz window.

AM0 Solar Simulator Sun Simulator Glovebox Design

The minimum space required under the glovebox.


TypeSpot SizeSpectrumSpatial UniformityTemporal
Working Distance
(8-sun max.)
70 x 70 mm2A+BA+25-30 cm
(suitable for bifacial cells)
100 x 100 mm2A+AA+25-30 cm


Customized Simulator solar simulator SS-XRC1002

  SS-XRC7008 customized high-concentration solar simulator can reach 8 times the sunlight intensity (8000 W/m2) under a 70mm x 70mm A-grade uniform irradiation area, which can be used for concentrating solar cell testing, photolysis water cell testing, light Hydrogen production experiment, photothermal battery test, etc.

Customized Simulator solar simulator SS-XRC7008

  SS-XRC1002 customized solar simulator can achieve A-grade uniformity in an area of ​​100mm x 100mm, and the maximum light intensity can reach 2 sunlight intensities (2000 W/m2). It can be applied to double-sided solar cell testing, and can meet the requirements of IEC bifaical solar cell testing specifications. Use one solar simulator to achieve the functions of two solar simulators.

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  1. Need a solar simulator for perovskite based solar cells testing. The solar simulator should be installed within the glove box.

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