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The Most Sensitive LED Electroluminescence Measurement System

High Speed/High Sensitivity Electroluminescence Efficiency Test System

  The current challenges of LED development include:

(1) New LEDs feature low brightness (< 50000 cd/m2) and fast decay

(2) Light-emitting half-width (FWHM) is smaller than conventional LEDs (OLED~100 nm; PVSK LEDs~50 nm)

(3) Non-Lambertian distribution causes big error in converting luminance (cd/m2) to EQE

(4) The luminous wavelength exceeds the visible light range and it cannot be evaluated by luminous flux and luminance.

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  Among above mentioned, “fast decay” and “accurate evaluation of infrared emission” are most closely related to the conversion efficiency measuring. Enlitech launches LQ-50X, featuring single-photon detection technology, NIR-enhanced optical design and components, and a compact product design for direct integration with glove boxes.


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  • Adopt single photon detection technology, overcome the characteristics of traditional spectrometers that require long exposure time (1~3 seconds) at low brightness, and speed up the test to ensure the accuracy and high efficiency of the test.
  • Adopt NIR enhanced optical design and components to cover wavelengths up to 1100 nm and is extendable to 1700 nm.
  • LQ-50X is with a compact product design for direct integration with glove boxes. At the same time, LQ-50X is also suitable for various type of samples.

LQ-50X can quickly test the luminescence spectrum at each voltage, and can obtain multiple parameter values ​​such as irradiance, luminance, CIE coordinates, etc. The measured non-repeatability of the measured inorganic LED test is less than 0.2 %.

luminescence spectrumSingle-point spectral measurement time
High Brightness > 6000 cd/m2< 20 ms
Low Brightness > 100 cd/m2< 100 ms
Ultra-low Brightness > 10 cd/m2< 500 ms

LQ-50X is NIST traceable. Comparing with the calibrated standard white & green LED, the variation is less than 0.5 %.

Certified Value (lm)LQ-100 (lm)Deviation (%)
G-LED3.4263.4530.39 %
W-LED4.6524.6290.25 %


The standard configuration:

  • Omnidirectional light receiving system (50 mm integrating sphere)
  • Enhanced Multi-Channel Spectrometer Test System
  • Probe System
  • Software
  • IPC & monitor


  • Infrared Spectrum Expansion Module (900 – 1700 nm)
  • Glovebox integration kit


  • Perovskite LED / Perovskite Laser Diode
  • Organic IR LED
  • QD LED / QD Laser Diode
  • VESEL Laser Diode


LQ-50X _ Electroluminescence Efficiency Test System LED Jsc EQE IPCE measurement LQ 50X

Measurement Results

LED Luminance Jsc EL-EQE IPCE measurement


LED light-emitting diodes Jsc EL-EQE IPCE measurement


LED light-emitting diodes Jsc EQE quantum efficiency measurement


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