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PERC / HJT / TOP-Con PV Solar Cell Efficiency-Loss Analysis Solution (Jsc, Voc, and FF losses)


The Most Complete and Easiest Efficiency-Loss Analyzing Solution.

  QE-RX is a PV cell efficiency-loss analyzer for the high efficiency solar cell research and development. Since 2015, the loss mechanism is the key information for improving the conversion efficiency of PERC, HJT, TOP-Con and other highly efficient solar cells. The conversion efficiency loss can be attributed to three factors, including short-circuit current density (Jsc), open-circuit voltage (Voc), and fill-factor (FF) losses. QE-RX can not only measure the PV-EQE, Reflectance and PV-IQE data but also analyze Jsc, Voc, and FF losses by combining the analyzing software SQ-JVFLA. Enlitech integrates three different testing functions within QE-RX and develops SQ-JVFLA software helping users analyze three different losses by using Shockley-Queisser thermal limit theory. QE-RX is your best partner for boosting the PV efficiency.

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quantum efficiency system

Highly Accurate and Low Uncertainty

The calibration of QE-RX is NIST traceable, which makes uncertainty of QE-RX’s testing data is lower than any other EQE testing systems. At the same time, QE-RX is developed by Enlitech who owns the ISO/ IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory for 10 years. It makes QE-RX is highly accurate on Si solar cell testing results. Relies on QE-RX, it will give you the reliable results.

quantum efficiency system

Compact but Multi-functional

QE-RX integrates all optical and mechanical components inside 80cm x 80cm x 60cm main body which includes electrical signal acquisition lock-in amplifiers. Not limited to its compact size, QE-RX still provides a variety of testing data including EQE, Spectral Response, Reflectance, and IQE the solar cells. Compact but multi-functional are the advantages of QE-RX.

quantum efficiency system

Power Loss Analyzing

QE-RX combined SQ-JVFL software which can provide the most complete analyzing functions, including Jsc-loss, Voc-loss, FF-loss, and bandgap calculation. These parameters are the key factors for production yield control and efficiency advising which makes QE-RX is the best partner of PV industries.

  • For PESC, PERC, PERL, HJT, back-contact, bi-facial and TOP-Con Si solar cells
  • Provide the data in QE (quantum efficiency), PV-EQE (external quantum efficiency), IPCE (incident photon-to-electron conversion efficiency), SR (spectral response), IQE (internal quantum efficiency), and Reflectance.
  • Compact and High Repeatability over 99.5%
  • wavelength range: 300~1200 nm
  • Jsc Loss Analysis and report (with SQ-JVFLA software)
  • Voc Loss Analysis and report (with SQ-JVFLA software)
  • FF Loss Analysis and report (with SQ-JVFLA software)
  • Exclusive EQE uncertainty evaluation report and quality control accredited by ISO/IEC 17025 for journal paper submission.
  • Variety and customized sample test fixtures.

System Design

QE-RX quantum efficiency system


IPCE / Quantum Efficiency Testing

Lamp Wavelength Range250nm~2500nm
Measuring Wavelength Range300nm~1200nm
Un-Repeatability ≦ 0.3%; 300nm~400nm
≦ 0.2%; 400nm~1000nm
≦ 0.3%; 1000nm~1100nm
Jsc Un-Repeatability ≦ 0.1%
Jsc Uncertainty≦ 0.2%
Light Instability (long time)≦ 0.2% (3hr)
Lamp lifetimeOver 2500hr
Beam Spot 0.7mm x 6mm
Beam Incident Angle
Effective Working Distance> 10 cm
DSP Lock-in Amplifiera. Two sets of dual-phase lock-in amplifiers
b. < 25 us; Max acquisition speed
c. <1 us; delay time between two channels
c. RXYθ
e. 107; Gain
f. 10 V; Max input voltage
g. Noise filters
h. 4-channel multiplexer for signal switching
Light Intensity Monitora. 1 monitoring cell;
b. for light intensity measuring simultaneously
a. Absolute light intensity calibration
b. SR, EQE measuring
c. Auto in-situ Jsc(EQE) calculation
d. Auto Jsc(EQE) calculation at each wavelength
e. IQE calculation
f. Bandgap analysis
g. Data collecting and analyzing
h. Mismatch factor (MMF) calculation
i. Signal monitoring function
j. txt data format
Signal Oscilloscope a. Oscilloscope display
b. Time-domain and frequency-domain analyzing capability
c. Signal monitoring function; photo-current signal monitoring on DUT
IQE (option)
Reflectance (option)
Dark box800mm x 800mm x 920mm


  • PERC/ HJT/ TOP-Con PV Solar Cell Efficiency-Loss Analysis
  • IEC-60904-8 Spectral Response measurement
  • IEC-60904-7 Mismatch Factor calculation
  • IEC-60904-1 MMF Correction
  • Si solar cell processing quality control
  • Si solar cell bandgap determination


QE-RX _ Solar Cell Efficiency-Loss Analysis Solution QE RX Proof 1 2
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QE-RX _ Solar Cell Efficiency-Loss Analysis Solution QE RX Proof 2 2
CHINT Electrics Co
QE-RX _ Solar Cell Efficiency-Loss Analysis Solution QE RX Proof 3 2
CHINT Electrics Co

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