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Perovskite PV and Organic PV Voc-loss Analyzer

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  To push the conversion efficiency to the limitation of Thermodynamics, organic solar cells and perovskite solar cells strive to increase the open-circuit voltage (Voc) to Shockley-Queisser limit. REPS is a complete system that can help scientists measure, calculate, and analyze the Voc-loss in the working solar cells, and give the process improving idea for the next step.

  REPS not only can detect the extremely low EL-EQE signal (as low as 10-5%, which is 7 orders of magnitude), but can also calculate thermodynamic Voc, radiative recombination Voc, and non-radiative recombination Voc (through its software SQ-VLA). In addition, it can also analyze ΔE1, ΔE2, and ΔE3 losses between different type of devices in one histogram chart. Most importantly, the analyzing software can help users match the calculated Voc-loss with the real Voc-loss of the device IV curve, thereby promoting the research progress and journal publication.


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  • It can measure: absolute EL-EQE, EL spectra(V), JV curve, EQE-J.
  • The software can display the charts including: EL-EQE(J), EL-EQE(V), multi-EL-spectra, JVL curve, ΔE1, ΔE2, and ΔE3 histogram chart.
  • The system can calculate and analyze thermodynamic Voc, radiative recombination Voc, and non-radiative recombination Voc.
  • The wavelength detection range: 300~1100nm; and can be extended to 1700nm (option).
  • NIST-traceable absolute radiometric calibration (Watt, from 300~1100nm).
  • EL-EQE detection range: 10-5% to 100% (Dynamic range 7 orders).
  • EL-EQE un-repeatability < 1%.
  • EL-EQE un-reproducibility < 1.5%.
  • EL low-light detection SN ratio: >50:1 @5×10-5% (REPS Pro).
  • Glove Box integration toolkit.
  • Customized test fixtures.

We provide three different types of REPS system to match your requirement which have different detection capability and speed.

  • REPS Pro
  • REPS Plus
  • REPS SE 

– OPV Voc-loss Improvement
– Perovskite Voc-loss Improvement
– Charge Transfer State Identification


1000nm~1100nm OPV EL-EQE

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