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Artificial Solar Light Simulator for NIR Sensor and Camera Development


The Closest Artificail Light Source to Natural Solar Spectrum at 850nm and 940nm.

      SG-FPX is an artifical light source which illumiates the solar spectrum. It can excellently simulate the outdoor nature sun light, including the spectrum (300 nm ~ 2500nm) and light intensity (1k~200k lux). Besides the visible wavelength range is approximate to nature solar spectrum, SG-FPX provide the most similar spectral shape and light intensity to the nature solar spectrum at 850nm and 940nm. It is very sutible for developing and evaluating the influence of sunlight on optical sesors used outdoors. The outdoor ambient solar light affects the performance of these outdoor sensor. Therefore, SG-FPX is your best partner, it can provide consistent outdoor sunlight conditions to help you speed up the developement of the optical sensor used outdoor.

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  • Super A+ spectrum from Visible wavelength range to NIR wavelength range.
  • Light intensity range: 0.01 sun to 1 sun (1mW/cm2 to 100mW/cm2 or 1k lux to 100k lux).
  • Computer controlled light intensity output.
  • Beam size: 100mm x 100mm.
  • Beam un-uniformity: ≦ 2%.
  • From 350nm to 1650nm (2500nm) spectrum.


  • iToF and dToF sensor evaluation

  • LiDAR evaluation

  • Ambient light sensor evaluation

  • Vehicle image sensor evaluation

  • ADAS optical sensor evaluation

  • Vehicle Camera Module evaluation

  • Face recognition sensor module evaluation

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