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Light Simulator

Best Artificial Light Sources to simulate your needs.

From the review of the scientific development history, reliable and stable artificial light sources have played a very important role in the past century. For example, the artificial solar simulator is an important part of simulating sunlight to ensure accurate performance of PV characterization. With the growth of light sensor applications, more and more requirement of light simulators (or artificial light sources) explored. One of the core technologies of Enlitech is the artificial light sources. We can manipulate different lamp types (short arc lamps, LEDs, filament lamps et. al.) to generate different spectrum-form in different light intensity levels, beam sizes, and wavelength ranges. We have launched different artificial light source products for different applications fields. For instance, SS-X series solar simulators and ILS-30 ambient light simulator are for the PV field, HAAS is highly accurate star light simulator for the space field, and ALS-300 is a general-purpose light source in science research field. These products can not only meet the needs of your application, but also speed up the process of your research or mass-production.

SS-X Solar simulator adopted a Xe short-arc lamp as the broadband light source. Xe lamp has 6000K color temperature which is closest to nature sunlight (5500K). All SS-X series solar simulators not only utilize optical simulation software to simulate the optical and mechanical system design, but also adopt Fourier-optics technology to generate the spatial uniform irradiance, which has been used in semiconductor …

ILS30 is an indoor light simulator which can illuminate three different color temperature light illumination (3000K, 4000K, and 5500K). The light intensity can be continuously turned from 250 lux to 1000 lux, which covers the indoor ambient light intensity levels. ILS-30 provides an 100mm x 100mm beam spot. Within 50mm x 50mm beam area, the uniformity can better than 95%. It is easy to adjust the light intensity or color temperature. The size of …

General Purpose Xe Light Source


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