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SS-X Solar Simulator

More Than A Solar Simulator

  SS-X Solar simulator adopted a Xe short-arc lamp as the broadband light source. Xe lamp has 6000K color temperature which is closest to nature sunlight (5500K). All SS-X series solar simulators not only utilize optical simulation software to simulate the optical and mechanical system design, but also adopt Fourier-optics technology to generate the spatial uniform irradiance, which has been used in semiconductor mask aligner with excellent prove.

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  The AM1.5G filter of SS-X solar light simulator, which is made with the advanced Plasma Deposition technology, has the high spectral accuracy and the excellent durability for the triples service lifetime. The better spectrum grade makes SS-X suitable than any other simulators to characterize a wide variety of new solar cells such as low-bandgap organic solar cells and perovskite / Si tandem solar cells. SS-X can provide the stable and continuous irradiance to illuminate the solar cells under test, which can avoid the characterization errors due to the slow responses time of these solar cells.

Enlitech provides the raw data of all solar reference cells, including KG1, KG2, KG3, KG5, Quartz, BL6, BL7 (the Bottom reference cell for Si / Perovskite tandem solar cells). Please download these data in “Resources and Download” section.


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A+ Spectrum: the closest to AM1.5G standard spectrum

The AM1.5G filter of SS-X solar light simulator, which is made with the advanced Plasma Deposition technology, has the high spectral accuracy and the excellent durability for the triples service lifetime. The better spectrum grade makes SS-X suitable than any other simulators to characterize a wide variety of new solar cells such as low-bandgap organic solar cells and perovskite/Si tandem solar cells.


Compact but Flexible

The SS-X adopts the medical-device-level power supply system, which provides the smaller electrical ripples. The better electrical current output allows the irradiance temporal instability of SS-X solar light simulator to achieve the better A+ grade. This better irradiance instability makes it possible to discover the more detail science of the new generation solar cells such as perovskite solar cells.

Solar-Simulato-patent-for-auto-light- intensity

SS-IRIS: Exclusive patent technology for auto-light-intensity manipulating

SS-IRIS is the exclusive patent of Enlitech. It is the sole technique in the world that it can automatically change the irradiance intensity without changing the spectrum of the irradiance, at the same time. The irradiance range can be tuned from 0.01sun to 1sun (1mW/cm2~100mW/cm2) with 1% accuracy.

Output Beam Directions

  SS-X series solar simulators support the function of setting the output beam direction. The flexible output directions provide users with more application fields.

1.Normal: the standard output beam direction is downward.

2.Special : there are two types as below (please contact our sales for options)

2.1 Bottom-up: upward output beam direction, which is suitable for integrating with the glove box integration.

2.2 Right & Left: sideways configurations which is generally used to illuminate the water-splitting cells.


Integrated Optical Shutter

  In SS-X series sun simulators, beam size above 100mm x 100mm, are all integrated with a single-blade mechanical shutter. It can be controlled by the Xe Power Supply manually or automatically, and switch status from Open to Off within 199ms.

Xe Power Supply

  The Power Supply of SS-X series solar simulators has the features below:

  • 3.5” color-touch-panel.
  • Digital timer, up to 9999 hours to monitor the lamp life.
  • Digital lamp voltage and current display.
  • Over voltage/ over current/ over temperature warning.
  • Cooling Delay time control after lamp shutdown.
  • Illuminator cover safety lock warning and light source auto shutdown.
  • Built-in programmable shutter control module.
  • Built-in programmable SS-IRIS aperture control module.
  • RS232 port.

Reference Cells

  Enlitech provides the world’s most types of reference cells which comply with the WPVS type and IEC 60904 standards. The purpose of reference cells is helping accurately characterize the solar cells to catch up the rapid development of the variety of new solar cells. The unique optical filter embedded technology helps build different spectral wavelength range response of reference cell, which can reduce the spectral mismatch between the sun simulators and new type solar cells.

  The calibrated reference cell is an indispensable part of sun simulator calibrations and accurate solar cell characterizations. Enlitech’s calibration laboratory accredited through the ISO / IEC 17025 standard. All of the SRC-2020 series reference cells are calibrated through tracing to NREL or ISE Fraunhofer. Enlitech also provides the re-calibration service for reference cells.


  Enlitech provides several kinds of solar reference cells which are used to calibrate the illumination intensity of sun light simulators or solar simulators. The Spectral response currves are shown below. Each reference cell package will provide a WPVS packaged Si reference cell with the optical window, two Lemo-connector cables, and one certified sun light intensity calibration report.


  All SS-X series solar simulators can be controlled by the IVS-KA6000 software which is the most powerful IV measuring software for accurate PV characterizations. Not just the optical shutter, the output light irradiance also can be manipulated by the IVS-KA6000 IV software, which can help users easily finished the complex IV tests under different light intensities or Sun-Voc testing. All the IV data from IVS-KA6000 can be read and analyzed  by IVS-KA-Viewer, which is the other multi-functional analyzing software. 

  In the past, to measure and fitting the ideality factor n of a solar cell is not easy and time-consuming. For example, it generally costs one hour to get ten IV curves under 10 different light intensities. After that, it also takes around one hour to sort out these data. However, with help of our testing solution, SS-X solar simulator + IVS-KA6000 + IVS-KA-Viewer, the ideality factor N can be measured and fitted within few minutes. If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us.

  The latest version of IVS-KA6000 Perovskite Solar Cells IV Measuring and Analysis Software has added current monitoring and measurement functions with shutter cycle control. It is currently open for download and update. Free trial of IVS-KA6000 Software is also available for a limited time. Welcome to download the software in “Resources and Download” section of the IVS-KA6000 page” and experience!

Solar Cell Calibration and Testing Laboratory

  Enlitech‘s Calibration Laboratory is the world’s first commercial company who pass the ISO / IEC 17025 accreditation in the PV field in 2012. We provide solar cell conversion efficiency certifications by advanced testing instruments, including SS-X solar simulators and the QE-R quantum efficiency testing system. In 2020, we already finished the accreditation transition from ISO / IEC 17025:2005 to ISO / IEC 17025:2017, which is the latest calibration laboratory operation standard and provide the better quality of certification services. We can provide solar cell quantum conversion efficiency and quantum efficiency measurements according to IEC 60904-1 and IEC 60904-8, respectively. All of the working standards and testing results are traceable to SI units through the calibrations by NREL, Fraunhofer ISE, or NIM.


The Maintenance of SS-X

  • SS-X series sun simulators can maintain A+ spectral performance during the “Performance Lifetime” which is not equal to “Lamp lifetime.”
  • Any simulator needs to be re-aligned and adjusted after changing the lamp in order to achieve the required performance.
  • Enlitech provides field measurement and adjustment services by professional and qualified engineers.
  • Enlitech provides maintenance service even expired the warranty period to help your system keeping in conditions.

For more information about the maintenance of SS-X solar simulator, please download the manual in “Resources and Download” section.

System Design

System design and key components of
SS-X short-arc Xe lamp A+A+A class solar simulator.


ModelOutput Beam Size
Working Distance
50 x 50 mm2A+
100 x 100 mm2A+
180 x 180 mm2A+
200 x 200 mm2
SS-X220R220 x 220 mm2A+AA+400mm

  • Perovskite Solar Cell Efficiency measurement
  • Organic Solar Cell Efficiency measurement
  • Perovskite/ Si Tandem solar cell efficiency measurement
  • Ideality Factor n test
  • Sun-Voc test
  • Water splitting cell test
  • HJT, PERC, TOPCon Si solar cell test
SS-X Solar Simulator SS X Proof 1
LONGi Solar
SS-X Solar Simulator SS X Proof 2
SS-X Solar Simulator SS X Proof 3
JinKO Solar
SS-X Solar Simulator SS X Proof 4
SS-X Solar Simulator SS X Proof 5

2020 Nature Energy
Impact Factor 46.49

SS-X Solar Simulator SS X Proof 6

2020 EES
Impact Factor 30.28

SS-X Solar Simulator SS X Proof 7

2021 Joule
Impact Factor 41.248

SS-X Solar Simulator SS X Proof 8

2020 Nature Communication
Impact Factor 12.12

SS-X Solar Simulator SS X Proof 9

2020 Advanced Materials
Impact Factor 27.39

SS-X Solar Simulator SS X Proof 10

2020 Advanced Energy Materials
Impact Factor 25.24

SS-X50 Solar simulator is posted by Perovskite-info in 2021. Please check the link: “Enlitech – complete perovskite measurement and analysis systems.

QE-R quantum efficiency system for perovskite solar cell is posted by Perovskite-infor
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Solar Reference Cells
CAD or Software
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Q & A

Q: What is the Uncertainty value by using Enlitech’s solar simulator to perform PV IV testing?

  The international standard ISO GUM (Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement) stipulates the evaluation and calculation of uncertainty, which is a globally consistent standard. All calibration and testing laboratories accredited by ISO / IEC 17025 have the ability to analyze uncertainty in accordance with ISO GUM and have been assessed and certified by accreditation organizations in various countries to comply with international mutual recognition agreements.

  Enlitech‘s photoelectric calibration laboratory has passed ISO / IEC 17025 third-party international certification for 7 years. Therefore, Enlitech is very experienced in the analysis of quantum efficiency and solar cell maximum power testing.

  NREL and Enlitech’s total Uncertainty capability (k=2) for PV testing:

  (will be slightly different according to actual conditions, such as sample stability, etc.)

NREL± 0.2%± 1.06%± 0.5%± 1.1%± 1.1%
Enlitech* ± 0.25%± 1.3%± 0.5%± 1.4%± 1.4%

  *Enlitech uses standard solar reference cells calibrated by NREL to be traceable to SI units. Therefore, the total uncertainty will be slightly higher than that of NREL.

Q: What are the main electrical performance parameters of solar test and how to test?

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Q: How to detect and solve the light non-uniformity and quality instability of solar cells?

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