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The total solution of new generation photodetector/photodiode/photo-receiver testing.

PD-QE Photodetector/Photodiode/Photoreceiver Tester for New Generation Semiconductor

Conventional quantum efficiency systems face many testing challenges in novel photodetectors. Such as:

  1. The bias voltage cannot exceed 12V: The traditional quantum efficiency system uses a lock-in amplifier, and its withstand DC voltage cannot be too large. Therefore, in a general quantum efficiency tester, the electric bias cannot be applied to exceed 12V.
  2. Unable to do noise frequency analysis.
  3. NEP and D* cannot be measured directly.

Enlitech provides a complete solution for the new generation of photodetectors (PD), named PD-QE.

Photodetector Quantum Efficiency

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The PD-QE system is a product developed by Enlitech on the basis of the small light spot (power mode) in the past ten years.

  • It can be applied to the EQE quantum efficiency test of PV and the research of new light sensor.
  • On the new software platform SW-XQE, it has convenient expansibility: in addition to measuring EQE, it can also integrate various SMUs and measure IV curves. At the same time, it has various analysis functions, such as D*, NEP, Noise current frequency spectrum.


  • PD-QE has different modules, and the bias voltage range can be from 20 V to 1000 V. At the same time, the measuring resolution of photocurrent is very high (10-16 Amp achievable).
  • Wavelength extension up to 1800 nm
  • Option: Software upgradable for controlling Keithley 4200 SMU


  • OPD (Organic Photodiode)
  • PPD (Perovskite Photodiode)
  • QDPD (Quantum Dots Photodiode)
  • New generation Photodiode


Photodetector photodiode NEP
Photodetector photodiode Detectivity

PD-QE can directly measure device frequency noise and plot the diagram.

Photodetector photodiode EQE 300nm 1800nm

  PD-QE can perform EQE spectral measurement. In addition to the standard spectral wavelength range 300nm ~ 1100nm, the wavelength can be extended to 1800nm. The diagram shows the EQE spectra of different wavelength-responsive devices.

Photodetector photodiode Dark IV SMU

  PD-QE has integrated various SMUs produced by Keithley and Keysight to perform various IV curve scans. Users do not need to search for or integrate IV curve tests by themselves. The diagram shows the scan of various dark IV.

Photodetector photodiode Noise Current Frequency Spectrum

  With advanced digital signal acquisition and processing technology, PD-QE can directly measure the noise current patterns of various detectors at different frequencies. Users do not need to purchase or integrate additional spectrum analyzers for testing! Moreover, the software can analyze the characteristics of various frequency ranges, such as Shot Noise, Johnson Noise, 1/f Noise, etc. PD-QE is a complete solution for next-generation PD testing.

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