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The most powerful IV analysis software in the world.

KA-Viewer IV Analysis Software

  For the study of the solar cells’ IV characteristics, KA-Viewer can quickly calculate the results and analyze related parameters according to different regulations and models. In addition to greatly shortening the data processing time of users, it can also speed up the R&D schedule of process improvement for solar cells.

  Enlitech has industry-leading data processing capabilities. We integrate high-density databases supported by Python (currently output by IVS-KA6000), which is beneficial to AI machine learning. The algorithms are automatically optimized to provide more reliable analysis results. KA-Viewer can effectively analyze data files from IVS-KA6000 and is the most powerful perovskite IV measurement and analysis software available today.

photovoltaic IV analysis software IV test

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photovoltaic IV analysis software IV test

Screen snapshot of KA-Viewer (It shows batch type data processing capability and its automatic drawing function.)

  KA-Viewer has a variety of analysis functions, including ideal factor analysis, reverse saturation current J0 analysis, SCLC fitting, etc. It covers all the important analysis functions required for PV.


  • Ideal Factor (n) Analysis
  • Reverse saturation current density (J0) analysis
  • MMF correction
  • SCLC Fitting
  • One Diode Model Fitting
  • Two Diode Model Fitting
  • Temperature coefficient correction
  • Tandem Calculator


IV analysis software ideality factor saturation current-density Jo

  KA-Viewer can load all test data from IVS-KA6000. After the variable light intensity IV curve measurement of solar cell by using SS-X series solar simulators, KA-Viewer can load the Sun0-Voc curve from IVS-KA6000. The ideal factor n and the reverse saturation current density J0 can be automatically fitted according to the physical formula of the rational diode theory.

IV analysis software Mismatch factor calculation MMF

  According to IEC international standard, if there is spectral mismatch, spectral mismatch factor correction is required. KA-Viewer can automatically correct the spectral mismatch of the IV curve according to IEC specifications and theoretical formulas. With one click, the IV curve of IVS-KA6000 can be loaded into KA-Viewer, and the spectral mismatch factor correction starts. After that, the spectral mismatch factor correction is completed automatically.

IV analysis software 4T Tandem IV

  The wiring of the top cell and the bottom cell of the 4T tandem solar cell is an independent output. Thus their IV curves are independent. KA-Viewer can load the IV curve of top cell and bottom cell, and show the curves in one diagram. Moreover, the conversion efficiency will be calculated automatically with one click only.

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