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Accurate measurement from visible to infrared light.

Full-spectrum Irradiance Meter

  HS-IL is a full-spectrum irradiance meter. Combining with the years-integration capability of Enli Technology, although the size of HS-IL is small and compact, the wide wavelength measurement range (300nm ~ 1100nm) and high dynamic range of light intensity measurement are achieved. The light intensity detecting range up to 5 orders of magnitude makes the HS-IL be applied in various fields.

  These applications cover outdoor solar spectrum measurement, indoor solar simulator calibration, spectral calibration of light sources for glovebox integration, accurate calibration of indoor light source and ambient light, etc. The measuring probe head adopts a cosine correction. The fiber-free design makes the uncertainty of HS-IL in measuring various spectra can be greatly reduced by 50% compared with the fiber-type design. Spectral irradiance measurements are traceable to the International Standard Unit (SI).


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  • Spectrum Range: Full-spectrum range of 300nm~1100nm (UV-VIS-IR)
  • High Dynamic Range: from indoor illumination intensity (10 Lux) to outdoor illumination of sun light (200,000 Lux)
  • HS-IL can measurement various photophysical values such as W/m2, Lux & CIE XYZ (all in one)
  • Indoor light evaluation and Jsc (EQE) auto-calculation
  • HS-IL can be operated inside the glovebox


ItemsEnlitech HS-ILOther brand
ApplicationDesigned for precise measurement of illuminance.For various general tests (e.g. absorption spectrum, transmittance spectrum)
Measuring Range300~1100nm350~1050nm
TraceabilityNIST traceableNot provided
Measuring Accuracy1. No need to use fiber optics to guide light. Thus the measuring accuracy increased.
2. The measuring probe head adopts a cosine correction.
Due to its design, light can only be guided through the optical fiber, so the measurement error caused cannot be reduced. (Optical fiber movement will cause the spectra change 2~3%)
SoftwareIrradiance/Illuminance/Color measurementSimplified version for general purpose
Illumination Correction FileYes, built-in IPC and software already.Users have to load the file by themselves.
Illumination RangeIncluding weak illumination mode & strong illumination mode, it covers:
100 lux~200,000 lux
0.001 sun~1.2 sun
Basically, it is for strong illumination applications.
If it is applied for indoor use, the error will increase and usually more than 5% (Jsc).
Functions of the software• Integrate all required functions for the illuminance spectrum including W/m2 & Lux.
• Jsc (EQE)
• CIE Color Coordinate & Calculation
• Auto-calculation of color temperature
• Auto-calculation of color purity
• Spectrum classification of light/solar simulator
However, users have to set up the parameters by themselves.
Controller• Pocket Portable Size IPC
• With color LCD screen, keyboard and trackpad
• Very convenient to use in the glovebox
• A variety of external interfaces can be connected such as HDMI, keyboard & mouse
Not provided.
Users need to prepare PC or notebook computers.


  • Spectral measurement and classification of solar simulators (IEC 60904-9).
  • Various indoor light source characteristics, including irradiance, illuminance measurement and color analysis.
  • Accurate calculation and comparison of Jsc (EQE) and Jsc (SS).
  • Outdoor irradiance spectral measurements.


Illuminance Irradiance Jsc EQE Calculation

  HS-IL is equipped with a pocket PC and software. The software functions include professional illuminance test (W/m2), illuminance test (Lux) and all color parameters analysis such as color temperature, XYZ color coordinates, color coordinate diagram, spectrum analysis, etc. It can be applied to all fields such as illuminance, photometry, and color.

Jsc EQE Calculation

  The HS-IL software can be applied to the evaluation of indoor light sources, and can calculate the EQE spectral integral Jsc current density of the photovoltaic device from the measured spectrum.

  • It can install different light source spectrum and device EQE spectrum freely.
  • Realtime calculate and display Jsc (EQE)
  • Realtime calculate and display Lux
Wide-gap OPV indoor solar cells

  HS-IL can be applied for indoor PV evaluation. It can analyze the spectrum of indoor light sources, and auto-calculate Jsc (EQE) to compare with Jsc (SS). At present, it is an important experimental data requirement for indoor photovoltaic research published in the top journal.

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HS-IL Inquiry
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