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2021 Nature Photonics Published 23.09% Perovskite Solar Cell Certified by Enlitech's Calibration Laboratory!

In July 2021, Nature Photonics magazine (Impact factor = 38.77) published the research results of Professor Li Gang from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Professor Fang Guoguo from Wuhan University, and Professor Yang Yang from the University of California, Los Angeles. This paper reports an effective method (dimensionally graded perovskite formation; DGPF) to reduce the photovoltage loss (Voc loss) by simultaneously passivating internal bulk defects and two-dimensional perovskite interface defects. This method can improve the power conversion efficiency (PCE) of halide perovskite solar cells and further reduce the bandgap-voltage offset (WOC) and non-radiative composite photo-voltage loss (ΔVOC, nr).
Since 2015, Nature Group requested the third-party efficiency certification through ISO 17025 standard for each solar cell article submitted to its journals. From 2020, the energy journal Joule (impact factor = 41.248) under CellPress also requests efficiency certification for solar cell related article publications.
Professor Li Gang’s perovskite solar cell was certified PCE 23.09% by Enlitech’s Optoelectronic Calibration Laboratory (ISO 17025 certificated since 2015). The certification report is also published in SI section of Nature Photonics.

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