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Optoelectronic Calibration Lab Quality Can Stand the Tests! iso 17025

Can Stand the Tests! Optoelectronic Calibration Lab quality

On February 5, 2020, Enlitech. Optoelectronic Calibration Lab passed the irregular Laboratory quality management system review by TAF, an evaluation agency approved by Taiwan ISO / IEC 17025 calibration and testing laboratory quality management system specification conformity. TAF gave a positive review and recognized the quality of our laboratory calibration and test results, verifying that the Lab can get the quality level and guarantee of member countries (regions) of ILAC-MRA  (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Organization Mutual Recognition Agreement). This is the 14th regular/irregular review that we have passed in 9 years since the establishment of the Lab. The result reflects our technical capabilities and  efforts on continuously improving our quality management system to ensure international recognition of calibration/test reports.

Enlitech. Optoelectronic Calibration Lab is established in 2011, passing the TAF laboratory certification in the following year, equipped with calibration and detection capabilities for photodetectors, solar cells, LEDs and other optoelectronic devices. The core calibration/test ability includes: NIST traceable standard lamps, NIST traceable standard detectors, PTB primary photodetectors, NREL traceable standard solar cells, ISE traceable standard solar cells, NIST traceable standard spectrum lamps, etc.

TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Foundation) is a non-profit organization that provides professional third party accreditation services. It adheres to the establishment of a fair, independent, and transparency accreditation system that complies with international standards. It is also the only Taiwanese accreditation organization that is acknowledged by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

ISO / IEC 17025:It is an international laboratory management standard that guarantees the accuracy of laboratory data results.

ILAC-MRA:ILAC (The International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) is a global association of accredited laboratories, inspection bodies, proficiency testing provider bodies and reference material producer, whose members include accreditation bodies and stakeholder organizations around the world. Accreditation bodies around the world are peer-assessed to be capable, signing agreements to enhance acceptance of cross-border products and services.

Optoelectronic Calibration Lab Quality Can Stand the Tests! EnliNews

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