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2021 Adv. Funct. Mater. (IF 18.808): Efficiency 19%! IPOSC Efficient Interface Passivation Strategy

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  In September 2021, Advanced Functional Materials (IF 18.808) published a study. Proved an effective interface passivation strategy for integrated perovskite/organic solar cells (IPOSCs) based on a layered Ruddlesden-Popper (RP) perovskite and high photovoltaic performance.

  Enlitech’s Solar Simulator and QE-R Quantum Efficiency Measurement system were used in this study to assist in the measurement of experimental data. An ultrathin conjugated polymer (PM6) was developed as passivation layer to suppress nonradiative recombination and reduce the interface defects of IPOSC interface defects, increasing the open-circuit voltage from 1.06 V to 1.12 V and the efficiency from 17.23% to 19.15% which was much higher than the control layered RP perovskite device (PCE = 16.33%). Importantly, the optimized device shows extended photocurrent response to 930 nm with a peak intensity close to 50% from 800 to 931 nm. It was found that the use of a functionalized polymer for interface passivation may be an effective way to improve the photovoltaic performance of integrated devices.

19% IPOSC Interface Passivation Strategy Perovskite
19% Quantum Efficiency Solar Simulator

In experiments with instruments such as solar simulators or Quantum Efficiency Measurement system.

19% Quantum Efficiency Solar Simulator 太陽光模擬器 量子效率

In experiments with instruments such as solar simulators or Quantum Efficiency Measurement system.

  The quantum efficiency measurement system is used for EQE (external quantum efficiency) spectral analysis of perovskite solar cells. It also provides a comparison of Jsc (short-circuit current density) for the short-circuit current of solar cells under sunlight to prove the experimental results. At the same time, Enlitech’s Solar Simulator and KA-6000 software provide a short-term monitoring of time changes to prove the stability of the perovskite solar cell!

Key Word: Solar Simulator, Quantum Efficiency, Perovskite

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