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Top-Notch Due to It’s Precision ~ QE-R EQE system from Enlitech.

  Recently, Joule (Impact Factor 41.248) published nearly 19% of organic solar cells. The authors have prepared high-efficiency ternary OPV cells by introducing HDO-4Cl into the photosensitive layer based on PBDB-TF:eC9. The article confirms that a similar alloy HDO-4Cl:eC9 phase is formed in the ternary cells. The QE-R quantum efficiency system from Enlitech is used to analyze the ternary OPV cells. The three key photovoltaic parameters of Voc, Jsc and FF are higher than those of the binary cells, thus significantly improving the PCE. For the best ternary cell composed of PBDB-TF:HDO-4Cl:eC9 (weight ratio 1:0.2:1), PCE is 18.86%. Overall, this work not only reports excellent PCE, but also shows that optimizing the behavior of excitons will be an effective way to further improve the photovoltaic performance of high-efficiency OPV cells.

  There are over 500 sets of QE-R system installed worldwide, and currently has more than 1,000 citations in SCI papers. QE-R’s excellent spectroscopy and Jsc short-circuit current comparison performance make you don’t have to worry about top-journal publication.

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