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2021 Nat. Commun.: PSMA all-PSC verified to reach 16.16% efficiency

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  Nature Communications recently published a study on all-polymer solar cells (all-PSC) based on polymerized small molecular acceptors (PSMA) to study the effect of molecular structure on the performance of solar cells.

  The all-PSC based on PSMA has rapidly improved its power conversion efficiency (PCE) and has reached the threshold for commercialization and some specific applications. However, most PSMAs are based on the Y6-like structural unit of the A-DA’DA structure. Early research results show that Y6 molecules have strong intermolecular accumulation, which may cause difficulties in the aggregation and solubility of PSMA.

  The author uses A-DA’DA Y18 type unit as the main building block to synthesize a PSMA PN-Se; and uses a similar Y6 type unit to simulate PSMA PS-Se. Through Enlitech’s QE-R quantum efficiency measurement system, the research results show that the full PSC based on PS-Se shows a medium PCE of 13.83%, while the full PSC based on PN-Se as a polymer acceptor shows a high PCE of 16.16%.

Recommended Instruments: QE-R Quantum Efficiency Measurement system 

Article Link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-25638-9

Keyword: quantum efficiency, solar cell

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