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Top-Notch Due to It’s Precision ~ QE-R EQE system from Enlitech.

  In July 2021, Nature Photonics (Impact factor: 38.77) published a report by Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Wuhan University, and UCLA. An effective method to reduce the photovoltage loss (dimensionally graded perovskite formation; DGPF) by mining interface defects. The halide perovskite solar cells can improve the power conversion efficiency (PCE), and further reduce the bandgap voltage offset (bandgap-voltage offset; WOC) and the non-radiative composite photovoltage loss (ΔVOC, nr). The QE-R quantum efficiency system from Enli Technology is used for the research and development of DGPF on perovskite solar cells. In addition to accurate short-circuit current density comparison verification, it is also used for energy bandgap analysis of perovskite solar cells.

  There are over 500 sets of QE-R system installed worldwide, and currently has more than 1,000 citations in SCI papers. QE-R’s excellent spectroscopy and Jsc short-circuit current comparison performance make you don’t have to worry about top-journal publication.

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