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Enlitech's REPS and FTPS systems make Voc-loss analysis of solar cells no longer out of reach.

  Recently, CellPress‘ energy flagship journal Joule (Impact Factor 41.248) published the latest breakthrough in ~19%  organic solar cells. By introducing HDO-4Cl into the system based on PBDB-TF:eC9, the exciton diffusion length (LD) in the acceptor phase was increased. In PBDB-TF:eC9 based OPV cells, the increased exciton LD can significantly reduce non-radiative charge recombination and improve photon utilization efficiency. By using Enlitech’s REPS and FTPS highly sensitive quantum efficiency systems, authors not only obtained the excellent power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 18.86%, but also demonstrated the correlation between non-radiative energy loss and exciton behavior. The results show that regulate the exciton behavior is an effective way to reduce non-radiative energy loss and realize high-efficiency OPV cells.

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