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Adv. Energy Mater. (IF 29.368): Water Splitting Electrocatalysis Solar Cell Enabling Solar-to-hydrogen Efficiency of 12.30%

Chopping AM1.5G standard sunlight output, Solar simulator with auto-light-intensity manipulating, IV measurement and analysis of Perovskite Solar Cells

  The international energy journal Advanced Energy Materials (Impact Factor 29.368) reported that to prove the actual solar-to-hydrogen efficiency, scientists used Perovskite-organic tandem solar cells to provide electricity for water splitting electrocatalysis system. The NiFe/carbon nanotubes are used as the oxygen evolution catalyst (OEC) electrolyzer and commercialized 20% Pt/C is used as the hydrogen evolution catalyst (HEC). OEC and HEC are coated on 3D porous nickel foam to achieve a higher surface and higher efficiency.

  The water splitting electrolyzer with two electrodes composed of NiFe/carbon nanotubes and Pt/C showed excellent performance. By applying a bias voltage of 1.5 V (relative to the counter electrode, Figure c), 10 mA cm-2 is achieved. Enlitech Solar Simulator is used to drive Perovskite-organic tandem solar cells.

  The driver of tandem solar cells is very sensitive to the spectrum of the light source. If the analog light source does not match the AM1.5G solar spectrum, the tandem solar cell cannot have the highest power generation efficiency to drive the hydrolysis cell. The SS-F solar simulator (currently with latest SS-X simulator) has an A+ level spectrum (IEC 60904-9:2020), which is very close to the AM1.5G solar spectrum and could enable the laminated solar cell to have the best efficiency of power generation. When the electricity generated makes the J-V curve of the water splitting electrocatalysis battery intersect at 1.5 V, the current density is 10 mA cm-2 (Figure c), proving that the efficiency of solar-to-hydrogen is 12.3%.

Solar Simulator AM1.5G J-V curve 1.5V Solar-to-hydrogen 12.30% Efficiency

  SS-F has a programmable shutter, which can be modulated (chopping) to produce AM1.5G standard light source output with its own frequency. The performance of the water splitting electrocatalysis battery was further characterized under SS-F5 chopping AM 1.5G illumination, and the result is shown in Figure d.

Solar Simulator AM1.5G Chopping Current Density
Solar Simulator J-V curve of OEC and HEC

a) J-V curve of OEC using NiFe/carbon nanotube electrolyzer.

b) J-V curve of HEC using commercial 20% Pt/C electrolyzer.

c) The J-V curve of the tandem solar cell under simulated AM 1.5G lighting and the NiFe LDH electrode in the two-electrode system for water splitting.

d) The current density-time curve of the water splitting device modulated under chopped AM 1.5G illumination.

SS-X series solar simulators & IV Measuring and Analysis Software

  All SS-X series solar simulators can be controlled by the IVS-KA6000 software which is the most powerful IV measuring software for accurate PV characterizations. Not just the optical shutter, the output light irradiance also can be manipulated by the IVS-KA6000 IV software, which can help users easily finished the complex IV tests under different light intensities or Sun-Voc testing. The latest version of IVS-KA6000 Perovskite Solar Cells IV Measuring and Analysis Software has added current monitoring and measurement functions with shutter cycle control. It is currently open for download and update. Users of IVS-KA6000 are welcome to download. To understand more functions of IVS-KA6000, please click on the link: IVS-KA6000 IV Measuring and Analysis Software for Perovskite Solar Cells.

  Free trial of IVS-KA6000 IV Measuring and Analysis Software is also available for a limited time. Welcome to download the IVS-KA6000 software in “Resources and Downloads” section of the page and experience!

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Article link: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/aenm.202000361

Video link:  https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/action/downloadSupplement?doi=10.1002%2Faenm.202000361&file=aenm202000361-sup-0002-VideoS1.mp4

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