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2021 Advanced Materials (IF 30.849): Efficiency up to 19.83%! MSAC Application Strategy

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  In September 2021, Advanced Materials (IF 30.849) published a study. A strategy is proposed to use molten-salt-assisted crystallization (MSAC) to improve the grain growth of all-inorganic perovskite films. MSAC has several characteristics. First, compared to traditional solvent annealing, MSAC achieves more intensive mass transfer through convection and diffusion, which is conducive to the interaction between precursor colloids and induces in-plane growth of perovskite grains. , And then form a high-quality perovskite film that suppresses the formation of pinholes and cracks. The introduction of molten salt also changes the intermediate phases, changing the crystallization pathway by reducing the energy barrier, and producing films with desired optical and electrical properties.

  Enlitech’s Solar Simulator and QE-R Quantum Efficiency Measurement system were used in this study to assist in the measurement of experimental data. It is found that the MSAC strategy endows the devices with champion steady-state output efficiency of 19.83% and open-circuit voltage (Voc) as high as 1.2V, which is quite helpful in reducing the Voc deficit.

  The quantum efficiency measurement system is used for EQE (external quantum efficiency) spectral analysis of perovskite solar cells. It also provides a comparison of Jsc (short-circuit current density) for the short-circuit current of solar cells under sunlight to prove the experimental results. At the same time, Enlitech’s Solar Simulator and KA-6000 software provide a short-term monitoring of time changes to prove the stability of the perovskite solar cell!

Perovskite MASC application strategy Solar Cells
Perovskite MASC application strategy Solar Cells

In experiments with instruments such as solar simulators.

Perovskite MASC application strategy Solar Cells
Perovskite MASC application strategy Solar Cells

Key Word: Solar Simulator, Quantum Efficiency, Perovskite, sun simulator, light simulator

Article link: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/adma.202103770

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