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Solar Simulator Efficiency Breakthrough Joule CellPress SS-X

Enlitech’s SS-X solar simulator makes the breakthrough possible.

  Recently, Joule (Impact Factor 41.248) published the latest breakthrough in ~19%  organic solar cells. By introducing HDO-4Cl into the system based on PBDB-TF:eC9, the exciton diffusion length (LD) in the acceptor phase was increased. In PBDB-TF:eC9 based OPV cells, the increased exciton LD can significantly reduce non-radiative charge recombination and improve photon utilization efficiency. By using Enlitech’s SS solar simulator and SRC-2020 reference cell, authors not only obtained the excellent power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 18.86%, but also demonstrated the correlation between non-radiative energy loss and exciton behavior. The results show that regulate the exciton behavior is an effective way to reduce non-radiative energy loss and realize high-efficiency OPV cells.

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