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Science News: 2021 Adv. Sci., High-Efficiency TMP MAPbI3 PSC

  Advanced Science (IF 16.806) journal recently published an article by Sangwook Lee from Kyungpook University of Korea. This article explored the effect of trimethyl phosphate (TMP) as a new Lewis base solvent on the formation of perovskite films and photovoltaic characteristics of perovskite solar cells (PSC).

  A uniform and stable perovskite film can be formed by Lewis-base solvent and anti-solvent. Compared with dimethyl sulfoxide (dimethylsulfoxide, DMSO) or dimethylformamide (dimethylformamide, DMF), the use of TMP can directly crystallize the perovskite phase and reduce the intermediate phase to a negligible degree and can realize the direct growth of perovskite particles. At the same time, the authors analyzed the photovoltaic characteristics of perovskite solar cells through solar simulator and standard solar cells. Then, they conducted EQE (external quantum efficiency) analysis with quantum efficiency measurement system. Moreover, the short-circuit current density of the solar cell under sunlight is compared to the ratio of the short-circuit current density to prove the authenticity of the experiment.

  The results of the study showed that PSCs made with DMSO/DMF mixed solvents had a power conversion efficiency of 19.14%; PSCs made with only DMF solvents had a power conversion efficiency of 18.55%. The PSC based on methylammonium lead iodide (MAPbI3) used by the TMP/DMF mixed solvent derivative showed an average high power conversion efficiency of 19.68% (the best: 20.02%). The best performance was that the perovskite film of TMP/DMF derivative had a low density. By combining a weak Lewis base solvent with a mature solvent process, a high-performance PSC can be achieved.

TMP MAPbI3 PSC Perovskite Solar Cell Molecular Structure

Molecular structure of three solvents.

TMP MAPbI3 PSC Perovskite Solar Cell Solar Simulator Quantum Efficiency
The material properties of the MAPbI3 PVSK film after coating and annealing using DMF, DMSO and TMP solvents.
TMP MAPbI3 PSC PCE EQE Perovskite Solar Cell
Photovoltaic performance of perovskite solar cells using DMF, D/D (DMF/1.0 M DMSO) and D/T (DMF/1.0 M TMP) solvents.

Keyword: MAPbI3, Perovskite, PSC, Solar Simulator, Quantum Efficiency

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