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Science News: 2021 Nat. Nanotechnol., how 2-D materials improve the performance of micro-LED?

  Nature Nanotechnology (IF 39.213) recently published the first international research on combining two-dimensional semiconductor TFT materials with Micro-LED new technology, providing a new method for the development of Micro-LED display technology in the future.

  Micro-LED is a high-density display array technology formed by micron-sized LEDs as light-emitting units and assembled with drive modules. Compared with current technologies such as LCD and OLED, Micro-LED has cross-age advantages in brightness, resolution, energy consumption, service life, response speed, and thermal stability. However, the industrialization of Micro-LED still faces many challenges, such as the difficulty in matching the drive requirements and size of high-density display units, the cost and yield rate of Mass Transfer technology, and the difficulty in meeting the development of high-resolution displays.

  In this research, the author used the back end of line (BEOL) process to integrate large-area MoS2 thin-film transistors (TFT) and nitride micro-light-emitting diodes (LED), and developed a non-mass transfer low-temperature three-dimensional structural integration technology, which had excellent electrical performance and uniformity. After analyzing driving capability, response time, energy consumption and modulation scheme, the author found that MoS2 TFT had high resolution and high brightness characteristics and realized a 32 × 32 array 1270 PPI microdisplay. The results of this research can satisfy cross-domain applications such as micro-display, vehicle-mounted display, and visible light communication in the future. Due to the unparalleled device performance in terms of atomic limit and low-temperature heterogeneity, two-dimensional materials have unlimited potential in future electronic products.

2-D materials micro-LED MoS2 TFT
Monolithic integration of MoS2 TFT and micro LED.
2-D materials MoS2 transistor performance
MoS2 transistor performance.
2-D materials I-V LED

I-V characteristics of different LED sizes.

Keyword: micro-LED, 2D materials
Article link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41565-021-00966-5#Sec14

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2-D materials improve the performance of micro-LED

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