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Image Sensor/Fingerprint-on-Display Testing

Enli Tech provides the most advanced optical and non-destructive inspection technology, which can de-convolute the digital images back to the analog properties, such as quantum efficiency, spectral response, system gain K, Dynamic Range (DR), PRNU, DRNU, Linearity Error LE, and Chief-Ray-Angle (CRA). The testing solution can be applied to CCD and CMOS image sensors in aerospace, defense, and scientific camera field. Image sensor packages that can be tested by Enli Tech’s systems include bare wafers, dies, chips, or camera modules. Our image sensor testers can help users reduce the sensor-modules or camera-modules development time and RD budget.

CMOS Image Sensor Tester

The SG-A system is the world’s first commercial CMOS Image sensor tester. SG-A can provide the most comprehensive CMOS image sensor parameter characterizations, such as full-spectrum quantum efficiency QE, overall system gain K, temporal dark noise, signal-to-noise ratio, absolute sensitivity threshold, saturation capacity, dynamic range, DSNU, PRNU, Linearity error, and chief-ray angle CRA. The device under test can be several type of …

Wafer Level CIS Optotronical Parameter Tester

SG-O is a CIS/ALS/Light-Sensor wafer tester which combines a Highly Uniform Light Source and a Semi-Automatic Wafer Prober. The Highly Uniform Light Source can provide a continuous white light spectrum from 400nm to 1700nm with the monochromatic light output with certain FWHM at many different wavelength. The Prober can handle max. 200mm wafer size and single die of size greater than 1cm x 1cm. SG-O integrates a ultra-low noise …

Areospace Image Sensor Tester

Coming Soon!

Solar simulator for FoD Sensor

SG-FPX is an artifical light source which illumiates the solar spectrum. It can excellently simulate the outdoor nature sun light, including the spectrum (300 nm ~ 2500nm) and light intensity (1k~200k lux). Besides the visible wavelength range is approximate to nature solar spectrum, SG-FPX provide the most similar spectral shape and light intensity to the nature solar spectrum at 850nm and 940nm. It is very sutible for developing …

140db Highly Dynamic Range Light Simulator

Coming Soon!

Optical In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Tester

SG-MPX is designed and made for testing optical fingerprint sensor. The uniform optical beam can cover the full smartphone screen. The output light intensity can be achieved to 300 lux for Green light and > 8000 lux for white light. SG-MPX can not only be used to be an environmental light simulator for developing fingerprint recognition algorithm in ISP chip, but also can be upgraded to test and analyze the sensor properties …

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