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EQE/Photon-Electron Conversion Testing

Enlitech offers different solutions for incident photon-electron conversion testing systems. The available systems include IPCE, PV External quantum efficiency (PV-EQE), Internal Quantum Efficiency, Spectral Response (SR), Highly-sensitive EL-EQE. There are over 1,000 SCI papers cited Enlitech‘s systems to provide reliable experimental data for significant scientific publication. The Highest PV-EQE sensitivity and EL-EQE both reach 10-5 % (7 orders). They can be utilized to PV conversion efficiency, HJT/ PERC/TOP-CON current-loss analysis, Organic PV charge-transfer-state and Perovskite PV trap state measuring, and Organic PV and Perovskite PV Voc loss analysis.

QE-R is a PV cell tester which can provide cell’s EQE. IPCE, IQE and spectral response data accurately and rapidly. The quantum efficiency information provided by QE-R is commonly used by PV researchers to illustrate and study the device design, device performance, process improving, material bandgap, impurity or trap. Due to its high repeatibility and accuracy of QE-R, metrology engineers also use QE-R system to do spectral mismatch calculation …

QE-RX is a PV cell efficiency-loss analyzer for the high efficiency solar cell research and development. Since 2015, the loss mechanism is the key information for improving the conversion efficiency of PERC, HJT, TOP-Con and other highly efficient solar cells. The conversion efficiency loss can be attributed to three factors, including short-circuit current density (Jsc), …

In semiconductor devices, imperfect crystallinity often causes defect or trap states in the forbidden bandgap, which greatly affect the overall optical and electrical performance of the device. Because the absorption coefficient in the bandgap is extremely low, the generated photocurrent signal is extremely weak as well. Therefore, a highly- sensitive detection …

To push the conversion efficiency to the limitation of Thermodynamics, organic solar cells and perovskite solar cells strive to increase the open-circuit voltage (Voc) to Shockley-Queisser limit. REPS is a complete system that can help scientists measure, calculate, and analyze the Voc-loss in the working solar cells, and give the process improving idea for the next step. REPS not only can detect the extremely low EL-EQE signal (as low as 10-5%, which is 7 orders of magnitude), but can also calculate thermodynamic …

PL and PLQY are important tools for material characterization. At present, the challenges encountered in material testing are as follows:

(1) Cannot be tested in the glove box.
(2) In situ time spectral analysis is not applicable.
(3) It is not easy to expand the measuring range to infrared band.

LQ-100X-PL has provided the solutions to the above three major pain points.

LQ-50X can quickly test the luminescence spectrum at each voltage, and can obtain multiple parameter values ​​such as irradiance, luminance, CIE coordinates, etc. The measured non-repeatability of the measured inorganic LED test is less than 0.2 %.

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