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SS-ZXR AM0 Standard Spectrum Solar Simulator

With the development of space science and technology, the simulation of outer space sunlight has become a crucial part for the development of space science and technology. The AM0 standard spectrum is defined according to the ASTM regulation, and the light simulator for space application needs to meet the following requirements:

(1) ASTM AM0 Standard Spectrum (ASTM E927-10)
(2) Illuminance Intensity 1366 W/m2
(3) Spatial Non-uniformity < 2%

AM0 Solar Simulator Sun Simulator

  Enlitech uses a xenon short arc lamp as a broadband light source. The color temperature of xenon lamps is 6000K, which is the closest to natural sunlight (5500K). The SS-ZXR solar simulator not only uses the optical analog software to analogize the optomechanical system design, but also uses Fourier optics technology to generate spatially uniform irradiance.

  The AM0 filter used in the SS-ZXR solar simulator is made of advanced plasma deposition technology, with high spectral accuracy and long working life. Better spectral ratings make SS-ZXR more suitable than any other simulator for characterizing solar cells for space.


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  • There are 4 optional illumination modes: up, down, left and right light can be emitted in four directions (for details, please contact our sales ).
  • Spectrum Range: 300~1800 nm
  • Automatic Shutter on/off
  • Compatible with IVS-KA6000 + KA Viewer, the most powerful measurement and analysis software:

IVS-KA6000 Functions

  1. Fully automatic current and voltage characteristic measurement / IV curve measurement.
  2. IV curve multi-overlapped graph display.
  3. Forward scan, reverse scan, automatic forward and reverse scan measurement.
  4. Read more: The Most Comprehensive IV Measuring and Analysis Software for Perovskite Solar Cells

KA-Viewer Functions

  1. Ideal Factor (n) Analysis
  2. MMF correction
  3. Temperature coefficient correction
  4. Read more: KA-Viewer IV Analysis Software

Comparison of AM0 Solar Simulators

BrandEnlitechN Brand (USA)Y Brand (Japan)
Efficitive Illuminance Area100 mm x 100 mm4 in. x 4 in.Φ 100 mm
Spectral MatchAA
Spatial UniformityAAB
Temporal StabilityA+AA+
Illuminance Intensity1 SUN ± 20%1 SUN ± 20%1 – 5 SUN
Beam DirectionUp/Down/Right/Left OptionalDownward onlyVertical or Horizontal
Spectrum Range300 nm – 1800 nmN/A300 nm – 1400 nm
PriceContact usHighHigh

System Design


AM0 Solar Simulator Sun Simulator Design

Instructions of integrating with glovebox:

AM0 Solar Simulator Sun Simulator Design Glovebox

The position of the quartz window.

AM0 Solar Simulator Sun Simulator Glovebox Design

The minimum space required under the glovebox.


TypeSpot SizeSpectrumSpatial UniformityTemporal
Working Distance
SS-ZXR100100 x 100 mm2AAA+30 cm
SS-ZXR160160 x 160 mm2AAA50 cm
SS-ZXR180180 x 180 mm2AAA50 cm

*All of Enlitech’s solar simulators meet the regulation of GB/T 6494-2017.


  • Silicon solar cells for space
  • Organic solar cells
  • Perovskite solar cell
  • Concentrator Photovoltaic
  • Aging tests for solar cells


AM0 Solar Simulator IV curve silicon solar cells

The IV curve of silicon solar cell measured by SS-ZXR at AM0 spectrum.

AM0 Solar Simulator standard spectrum

The comparison of SS-ZXR spectrum and AM0 spectrum. Grade A for every wavelength section.

AM0 Solar Simulator wavelength irradiance

  SS-ZXR is qualified as a class A AM0 simulator by adopting the international regulation of ASTM E927-10. The blue dotted line is the upper limit of the A-grade, and the green dotted line is the lower limit. The spectra of SS-ZXR all fall within the class A grade of the AM0 spectrum.

AM0 Solar Simulator non-uniformity irradiance

  According to the AM0 simulator regulation, SS-ZXR’s spatial uniformity is within 2% and is qualified as grade A.

AM0 Solar Simulator instability irradiance

  According to the AM0 simulator regulation, SS-ZXR’s Temporal instability is within 0.7% and is qualified as grade A.

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