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Indoor Ambient Light Simulator


Most Compact Indoor Light Simulator.

  The ILS-30 is an indoor ambient light simulator that can illuminate three different color temperatures of light (3000K, 4000K and 5500K). The light intensity can be continuously adjusted from 250 lux to 1000 lux, covering all indoor ambient light intensity levels. The ILS-30 provides a 100mm x 100mm beam. Uniformity can be better than 95% over a 50mm x 50mm beam area. It is easy to adjust light intensity or color temperature. The ILS-30 is very compact in size and easy to install. The ILS-30 can help you quickly build an accurate indoor PV characterization facility.

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  • Compact size.
  • 3 different and independent color temperature light source.
  • 250lux ~ 1000lux covers indoor ambient light intensity.


  • Three independent white light sources with different color temperatures:
    3000K ± 500K
    4000K ± 500K
    5500K ± 500K
  • User can define the output light color temperature.
    Manual and contiuous adjustment of light intensity
    illumination intensity: 250 Lux ~ 1000 Lux
    illumination area: 100 mm x 100 mm
    Uniform area: > 95% @ 50 mm x 50 mm
    Uniform area: > 90% @100 mm x 100 mm


  • PV characterization under indoor light environment.


Chemical Science Paper

ILS30 Indoor Ambient Light Simulator

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