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Perovskite PV and Organic PV Bandgap States Analyzing Software


  With the technological development of perovskite/organic solar cells, the open circuit voltage is an extremely important parameter in the research of improving the conversion efficiency of thin film solar cells such as perovskite and organic. The quality of the open circuit voltage will be determined by the bandgap of solar cell materials first. With different structural disorder of materials, lower energy state, called Urbach tail state becomes apparent near the band gap. This tail state is also one of the reasons that affect the open circuit voltage. In addition, for organic solar cells, the charge transfer state directly affects the performance of the open circuit voltage.

钙钛矿光伏和有机光伏带隙状态分析软件 Perovskite PV and Organic PV Bandgap States Analyzing Software

  BGSA is the world’s first integrated bandgap analyzing software for solar cells, including perovskite and organic solar cells. With the test data of PV-EQE, ultra-sensitive EQE, and EL-EQE from Enlitech’s QE-R, FTPS and REPS systems, you can quickly get characteristics of states inside the bandgap of solar-cell-materials. By comparing bandgap states with different control parameters of solar cells, the time for users to analyze data can be greatly shortened. Users can spend more time to focus on the material design and processing research of solar cells.


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Perovskite PV and Organic PV CTS Fitting Dual Curve
  1. A functional tool for development of the highly efficient perovskite and organic solar cells.
  2. Bandgap calculated by EQE differential method, which is used by major journals or laboratories.
  3. Quantify the disordered tail state of solar cell materials.
  4. Charge transfer state fitting of organic solar cell is based on Marcus theory.
  5. Users can customize the fitting range to get Urbach energy calculation.
  6. Users can freely choose single or dual curves fitting (EL-EQE and ultra-sensitive EQE for CTS (charge-transfer-state).
  7. Users can set several boundary conditions in CTS fitting.
  8. It can be loaded and calculated more quickly with the measured data of Enlitech‘s QE-R/ FTPS/ REPS systems.


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Bandgap State Analysis for Perovskite PV and Organic PV ● Calculation Model: Marchs Theory Model
● Data Import: PV-EQE, EL spectrum
● Analysis Function:
 - Bandgap State Analysis
 - Urbach Tail State Analysis
 - Charge Transfer State Fitting Analysis
● OS Required:
 - Windows 10
 - CPU: i5 (64-bit) or higher
 - RAM: 8GB
 - Disk Space: 10GB

Perovskite PV and Organic PV Display of Urbach energy Eu analysis

Display of Urbach Energy Eu Analysis.

Perovskite PV and Organic PV Display of Urbach energy Eu analysis

Display of Urbach Energy Eu Analysis.

Bandgap Analyzing

Display of Bandgap Analyzing Function.

CTS Dual-fitting

Display of CTS Dual-fitting Function.

CTS Fitting Function

Display of CTS Fitting Function.


Application 1: Urbach Energy Analysis

Perovskite PV and Organic PV Urbach energy analysis

Application 2: Bandgap Analysis

Bandgap analysis

Application 3: CTS Dual Fitting

CTS dual fitting

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